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Fabien Cousteau joins Advisory Board

Welcoming Fabien Cousteau to DEEPSEA MGZN’s advisory board

Welcoming Fabien Cousteau to DEEPSEA MGZN’s advisory board and EPS 04 / Made Under Pressure series in May. DEEPSEA MGZN’s advisory Board will provide oversight in the education and editorial authenticity of the organization.“We are excited to have Fabien join our advisory board as we launch our global storytelling platform in May,” said DEEPSEA MGZN / CoFounder Jeff Scott Fabien brings a legacy of exploration in diving & education that will bring our mission and global initiatives to life at DSM.


DeepSea MGZN


NEW website is live! Stories Made Under Pressure. Our deep sea adventures inspired the creation of The Deep Sea brand and platform. Sharing deep sea / deep space exploration with others of diverse cultural backgrounds sparked the desire to create a community that can unite divers around the world. DeepSea has become a global name brand for aquanauts, astronauts, military divers, commercial diving industry, hyperbaric medicine and pioneers in ocean exploration. Welcome to the dive. Stay Deep.




After the success of the BEAST Manufacture launched in December 2022, the most powerful and exclusive RALF TECH is now available in an Electric version, making this mythical model accessible to the greatest number of people. Classic and timeless, this model symbolizes the perfect tool-watch. The AMPHIBIAN® collaboration, designed by a former Navy Diver, celebrates the ties between French special forces and their American brothers. Please note that this is a limited edition of 50 pieces only.



SEA / SPACE Medicine Conference

Presented by DEEPSEA MGZN + The Ocean Corporation

Dive into the Depths of Knowledge at the 2024 / SEA and SPACE Medicine Conference. Welcoming our Commercial Diving, Hyperbaric, and Aerospace medical community.HOUSTON, TX, NOV 2024 The convergence of innovation and expertise in the realms of commercial diving, hyperbaric medicine, and aerospace medicine is set to take center stage at the highly anticipated SEA + SPACE Medicine Conference. This prestigious event promises to be an unparalleled platform for professionals to delve into the latest advancements, research findings, and best practices shaping these dynamic fields. Guest Speaker Robert Sanders, MD, FACEP.


Explore Great White Sharks


DEEPSEA MGZN is honored to continue our media partnership with the Shark Research Unit this summer! Look for our original on location series "Shark Trackers of Mossel Bay" hosted by Nicolaas Booyens streaming LIVE this summer.


DeepSea YouTube Channel